Fortnite Season 5 Week 12 Challenges: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite's Season 5 Week 12 challenges have now arrived.
Fortnite's Season 5 Week 12 challenges have now arrived. / Courtesy of Epic Games.

Fortnite's Season 5 Week 12 challenges have now arrived. Bringing with it whole new ways to getting enough XP to complete a Battle Pass. For this weekly challenge, Fortnite has set all the tasks around fishing.

Bit of a random choice maybe after Week 11's holiday-themed challenges. Still, it might not be collecting chocolate boxes, but you will still be able to travel all across The Island to get that all-important XP.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 12 Challenges

So, what actually are the challenges for week 12? Well as always there are seven Epic challenges and one Legendary.


  • Deal damage within 15 seconds of gliding

This will require some quick thinking and a lot of quick footwork, but it is doable. Landing at a popular landmark with lots of other players will make it a lot easier to deal 200 damage.

  • Find a family portrait from a shipwreck

There are two locations where you can find a family portrait: Shipwreck Cove in the southeast of Catty Corner, or over at Crashed Cargo which is on the beach west of Sweaty Sands.

  • Visit: Scenic Spot, Gorgeous Gorge, and Mount Kay

These are all marked on the map, so should be fairly easy to get to.

  • Destroy inflatable tubemen llamas (found at gas stations)

You might have to visit several gas stations to find three of them, so keep an eye out!

  • Throw a fish back in the water

This one is fairly simple. All you need to do is release a fish from your inventory. Lazy Lake has plenty of fishing spots and there might even be a Harpoon Gun somewhere around there as well.

This one is pretty tricky actually, and it might work best on IO guards as they make easier targets than other players.

  • Catch three different weapon types at fishing spots

Finally, to catch weapons at fishing spots, you just need to go fishing. Usually, using a Harpoon Gun will increase your chances of catching weapons than actual fish.


  • Hit an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing

So, this sounds fun. After what are mostly easy-going challenges, the Legendary challenge seems very full-throttle. It is certainly going to make a lot of ruckuses and potentially be very difficult if lots of people are attempting it at the same time.

How do you Zero Point Dash then? Well, you'll want to land near the center of the map so that you can find the crystal that sticks out of the ground, and then destroy them. If you then eat one of the small crystal shards, you will gain the ability to dash by quickly pressing the jump button twice.

It only lasts for 30 seconds, but then it is called Zero Point Dash, not a marathon. Once you have achieved this, you will want to quickly find an opponent and deal enough damage to them. You will need to do this 25 times, so if a lot of people are doing it at the same time, hopefully, it won't take too long.

The challenge ends Feb. 25, so you have plenty of time to complete Week 12.