How to Get the Razer Hood, Cloaks in V Rising

V Rising, Stunlock Studios' online open-world vampire survival game, was released on May 17, 2022.
V Rising, Stunlock Studios' online open-world vampire survival game, was released on May 17, 2022. / Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

In V Rising, there are a total of four Razer cosmetic items for players collect.

With Patch 0.5.41669, Stunlock Studios made the Razer Hood, Razer Serpent Wrap, Razer Serpent Cloak and Razer Serpent Mantle available for players to find in-game. Here's a breakdown of how to get the Razer Hood and Razer Cloak (T1/T2/T3) in V Rising.

Razer Hood and Razer Cloak Locations

Unfortunately, all signs point to the notion that finding these new items relies entirely on pure luck as there is no real surefire way of getting them without hoping that the RNG gods smile upon you. As with all hats and cloaks in V Rising, players have reported these items dropping from chests, enemies, bosses and fishing.

As such, although players can generally just play on as they normally would, defeating plenty of enemies and opening lots of chests, there are some ways to up the odds.

For the Razer Hood, players should head north of the westernmost Vampire Waygate in Dunley Farmlands as it seem to be the best spot for fishing. This area spawns spots quickly and there are long stretches of water that allows players to go from fishing spot to fishing spot.

For the Razer Cloaks, however, there are certain places players need to look in order to find them:

  • Razer Serpent Wrap (and Tier I cloaks): Farbane Woods
  • Razer Serpent Cloak (and Tier II cloaks): Dunley Farmlands, Cursed Forest
  • Razer Serpent Mantle (and Tier III cloaks): Silverlight Hills

In Farbane Woods, players should check out Bandit Sulphur Quarry, Bandit Armory, Bandit Copper Mine, Forgotten Cemetery, Bandit Stronghold and Bandit Trapper Camp as they can yield an abundance of chests depending on the popularity of the server.

For Dunley Farmlands, the Haunted Iron Mine, Dawnbreak Village, Bastion of Dunley and Cotton Farms POIs are the places to be. The Spider Cave is the best area for Cursed Woods.

Lastly, players should go to Sacred Silver Mine or Army Outpost in Silverlight Hills.

Ultimately, aside from the Razer Hood, which is purely cosmetic, the Razer Cloaks are visual counterparts for existing armor pieces with identical stats:

  • Razer Serpent Wrap: +15 Sun Resistance
  • Razer Serpent Cloak: +15 Sun Resistance / +15 Garlic Resistance / +15 Silver Resistance
  • Razer Serpent Mantle: +15 Sun Resistance / +15 Garlic Resistance / +15 Silver Resistance / +15 Fire Resistance / +15 Holy Resistance

V Rising is available now via early access for Windows PC on Steam. For more on the game, feel free to check out our other guides: