League of Legends Patch 13.7 Skins

Riot Games

With Milio being released last week and the new Faerie Court skin line releasing alongside him, Riot Games is continuing this momentum into League of Legends Patch 13.7 with another skin set. April Fool's Day is later this week, and Riot is going to celebrate the holiday with a skin set that will release sometime next week.

The April Fool's Day skins will be released for these champions: Kled, Nidalee, Kindred, and Yuumi. Kled only has three total skins in the game, with his last one being released over two years ago. This is also true for Yuumi, but she was released years after Kled. Meanwhlie, Nidalee and Kindred both received skins last year.

League of Legends Patch 13.7 Skins

The new skin set will fit with the Cats vs Dogs thematic, as all of the abilities will include references to cats and dogs in the animations. This is not the first time that Riot has chosen a cat and dog theme, as five other champions have similar skins: Fizz, Warwick, Corki, Maokai, and Rengar.

Players can look forward to purchasing these new skins on Apr. 5, which will be one day after Patch 13.7 releases. This will follow Riot protocol for skins, as the new sets always become available a day after the regular patch.