Mad Maggie Bug Nerfs Her Riot Drill in Apex Legends

Mad Maggie in Apex Legends
Mad Maggie in Apex Legends / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie was introduced in Season 12 of Apex Legends on Feb. 8, 2022, and while she drew attention from aggressive players looking for a new, fun main, she immediately was a victim of many bugs and glitches. Respawn has since worked to fix the Legend, adding in a few buffs to make her more popular a choice in the Battle Royale.

However, a new bug discovered by Apex players appears to nerf her once again, this time affecting her Riot Drill.

The bug can be seen in the Reddit post below posted by user Sweatyeagle8497. It causes Maggie's drill to deal no damage through Newcastle’s shield at all, as if you just wasted the ability.

As the clip plays, you can see the Riot Drill attach to the shield for a brief second, but it doesn't explode as usual. Instead, it just disappears, and the charge is returned so you can try again. The glitch would be even worse if the charge wasn't immediately returned, however, this bug is still a tough one to deal with if you're a Mad Maggie main.

The user also stated that they contacted EA Help about the issue, but have yet to get a response from them or Respawn. Seeing as the glitch is just a bugged interaction, it can likely be mended quickly through a hotfix. Here's hoping that developers see the issue and fix it soon.