Newcastle Ult Trick Lets Apex Legends Players Fly to Teammates' Death Boxes

"You can lunge and essentially fly nearly 200 meters to land on a teammate's box."
"You can lunge and essentially fly nearly 200 meters to land on a teammate's box." / Image courtesy of RossTheeSquirrel, Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends: Saviors, as to be expected, the new season has been dominated by a plethora of clips pertaining to the battle royale's newest Legend, Newcastle.

In addition to figuring out how to counter his ultimate ability and discovering an exploit that makes all of his revives silent, however, it appears players have also found a trick that takes Newcastle's superhero stature to a whole new meaning.

Officially dubbed as Castle Wall, Newcastle's ultimate mainly was designed to allow him to leap and slam to a target, ally or area and create a fortified stronghold.

By himself, Newcastle can leap 35 meters to place his wall. When selecting an active member of his squad, that capability jumps up to 75 meters.

As shown by Apex Legends content creator RossTheeSquirrel in their latest YouTube video, there is a certain use case, intended or not, that allows Newcastle to nearly triple that lunge distance and fly up to about 200 meters — locking onto a teammate's death box.

"The crazy thing is that there does not seem to be any height barrier to this," RossTheeSquirrel said in the video. "For instance, I was able to lunge from the buildings at Skyhook all the way up to the mountain at [Bloodhound's] Trials. As long as you can see the banner with no instructions in the way, you should be able to fly to it."

RossTheeSquirrel also pointed out how perhaps the craziest thing about all of this is that Newcastle's ultimate only resets to 70% full since he never actually places his wall.

This use case does seem like a glitch considering that Newcastle isn't able to place his wall, it only costs players 30% of their charge to do it and the sheer fact that it looks so out of place in action.

As others in RossTheeSquirrel's YouTube comment section pointed out, however, perhaps this is a mechanic that Respawn Entertainment should leave in the game.

"It has one single use case," one user commented, "getting to your teammate's death box faster. It does not help with escaping fights or making faster rotations because it requires a teammate with [an] active banner to already have escaped or made that rotation, and sacrificing your [life] to allow Newcastle to move faster is mostly a bad trade and therefore not really broken."

Ultimately, with players continuing to find new horizons to push Newcastle's kit to its limits, it will be interesting to see whether or not Respawn ends up patching this in Season 13.