Overwatch Support Tier List April 2022

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Supports are the classes everyone wants to have on their team, but very few want to actually pick. With such few players willing to sacrifice getting cool kills for the sake of helping the team, it's important that those pick the best characters to play. Here are the top support characters for April 2022.

Overwatch Support Tier List April 2022

S Tier

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  • Mercy

Everyone's favorite winged angel almost, if not always, graces the top spot in any support list. With her entire gameplay built around supporting her team from behind, with both healing and damage-boosting abilities, it isn't hard to see why she's so beloved.

If one doesn't love to play support, Mercy isn't exactly the most exciting support character, having only a single pistol with which to defend herself. However, in terms of support, this sacrificing of any real offensive allows Mercy to have an unmatched healing output.

A Tier

  • Lucio
  • Ana

Both belong to the fast-moving support/dps role as these two are often picked by players who want to deal damage but also recognize that they need to support their team. Lucio's healing and speed-boosting effects can allow a team to slam into the enemy line with a lightning pace, followed by switching over to his passive regeneration circle to help his team last a bit longer in the fight.
Ana, on the other hand, is focused both on healing and damage dealing from a distance. Her sniper rifle is an effective weapon in the right hands, as long as someone has the accuracy to make use of its effects.

B Tier

  • Brigitte
  • Baptiste
  • Zenyatta
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Brigitte is a hybrid of a support and a tank class, excelling in dealing damage in order to fuel her passive healing ability, and keep her alive. Her mace is a formidable, and adaptable weapon, and can provide additional healing in the form of repair packs. However, she does struggle to fully embrace either role, as her healing abilities are super close range, and her shield can protect her, and maybe one other person if they coordinate well enough.

Baptiste can be useful in certain situations, with a decent AOE healing ability, plus a useful regenerative field to boot, but lacks the ability to heal anyone ally selectively, without anything secondary like Lucio's speed boost to make him more viable.

Zenyatta is a surprisingly high damage dealer for a supposedly peace-loving Omnic monk, with his main weapon being more than capable of dealing high burst damage. Zenyatta's orbs of discourse can provide an excellent debuff, but his healing is a bit weak. While powerful, his orb of harmony can only heal one teammate at a time, potentially overwhelming Zenyatta.

C Tier


Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

Moira isn't bad, but she's far from great. With a limited healing ability, and low DPS, she is a hard character to utilize. Limited in her application, Moira is fine for beginner players, but everything she has is done better by another class, leading to her being on the bottom of the list.

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