Players Are Having Their World Flipped Upside Down with Latest Bug in Warzone 2


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's latest bug just made the flash grenade even more frustrating to deal with for players.

The Call of Duty community has grown accustomed to experiencing several bugs and issues with the latest title from Infinity Ward. Some of these have benefited players such as the Black Site Glitch or the Most Wanted Contract exploit, while the majority of others have brought insane amounts of frustration by causing issues like game crashes and unfair game environments.

Redditor M_Mantle7 recently posted a clip that unfortunately displayed the latest bug plaguing players online. In this clip, audiences can see that M_Mantle7 has their POV turned upside down when getting hit by a flash grenade. The switch in perception occurs directly after recovering from the flash effect and lasts for several seconds before correcting itself. This didn't result in M_Mantle7 getting eliminated by another player, but it is obvious that a bug like this can make for some truly unfair matches.

Has Infinity Ward Addressed This Issue?

As of right now, this issue has not been addressed by Infinity Ward. Usually, when an issue like this occurs, Infinity Ward addresses it on their Trello page. This website provides players a look into what is being worked on in terms of bugs and glitches as well as other useful information such as patch notes or relevant events.


As the image above shows, there is currently no mention of this bug on their board. This shouldn't alarm many players as the bug is rather recent and it typically takes a few days for these issues to be identified and corrected by developers.

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