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Players Request Pathfinder Changes After Seeing His Buffed Kit in Apex Legends Mobile

"He's had a new passive all this time in mobile."
"He's had a new passive all this time in mobile." / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

When comparing the Recon Legends in Apex Legends: Saviors, it's fairly easy to see why many in the community feel Pathfinder could use a buff in the Passive Ability department.

Bloodhound has the ability to see enemy tracks, Seer can pinpoint the heartbeats of enemies while ADS-ing, Crypto's drone marks enemies in range and Valkyrie has a jetpack that allows her to fly. All the while Pathfinder's Insider Knowledge ability simply allows the Forward Scout to reduce the cooldown of his ultimate whenever he scans a survey beacon.

As such, Apex Legends content creator The Gaming Merchant recently posted a video on their YouTube channel explaining that perhaps the best idea for a Pathfinder passive rework has already been approved by Respawn Entertainment this entire time, just only in Apex Legends Mobile.

"One of the Legends that's needed a new passive for the longest time is Pathfinder," The Gaming Merchant said in the video. "The devs even said, 'If you could think of a good passive that wouldn't make him too powerful,' then they'd potentially think about doing it. But he's had all this time in mobile."

The Gaming Merchant then goes on to show how in the newly released mobile version of Apex Legends, Pathfinder has the ability to use his Grapple to pull downed squadmates into him and revive them more quickly.

"You can pull them around corners," The Gaming Merchant said. "You can pull them up to height and you can pull them over jump pads, and things get really weird, but wouldn't this be a really good passive idea for Pathfinder?"

Before long, the video's comment section was flooded with ideas from others in the community adding that they'd use it to throw their teammates off cliffs, or that it should be a part of his tactical ability.

In conjunction with Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, Respawn is developing Apex Legends Mobile on separate servers as a standalone experience with controls, content, social features and game modes tailored for mobile play.

In addition to having its own specially-crafted battle pass, cosmetics and Legends, Apex Legends Mobile branches off from the original title by independently buffing certain Legends as well.

Ultimately, this is all encouraging to see since Respawn is really taking some fun risks in Apex Legends Mobile that could be tested and, eventually, brought over to the main game.