Pokémon GO Hydreigon Best Moveset

Image courtesy of Niantic

With the recent June Community Day featuring the Deino evolution line, a lot of Pokémon GO players are likely looking around for the best movesets to stick on their newly evolved Hydreigons. Here's all the information you need for fine tuning your Hydreigon into a machine of destruction in Pokémon GO.

There are a couple of things to understand about how Pokémon GO movesets work in order to understand why certain moves will work better than others. The most important thing to know is that all Pokémon in all games, including Pokémon GO can benefit from something called the Same Type Attack Boost (STAB).

This means that Pokémon who use a move that matches one of its types will do more damage than a Pokémon of a different type using that same move. Hydreigon is a dual-type Dragon and Dark Pokémon. That means Dragon and Dark-type attacks will receive boosts.

Pokémon GO Hydreigon Best Moveset

Its quick attack can be one of two moves, either Dragon Breath or Bite. Both of these moves have the same base damage, and are get STAB from Hydreigon, so really the only difference is if you'd rather have a Dragon-type or Dark-type fast attack. Dragon-type moves are a little more overpowered compared to Dark-type moves, so Dragon Breath is likely your best option.

The charged attack is where STAB really comes into play though. Hydreigon can learn three different charged attacks. It can learn Flash Cannon, a Steel-type move with 100 base damage, Dark Pulse, a Dark-type move with 80 base damage, and Dragon Pulse, a Dragon-type move with 90 base power. The first thing is that both Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse receive STAB boosts to up their damage output, but additionally Flash Cannon takes much longer to charge its move meaning that ultimately Dragon Pulse is the best move of the three to put on Hydreigon.

However, June Community Day gave Hydreigon the special move Brutal Swing if you evolved it during Community Day. Brutal Swing is a Dark-type move, and actually does the highest STAB base damage of all its possible moves, hitting 34 DPS as a three charge move compared with Dragon Pulse's better base damage but 30 DPS.