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Ranking All Legend Takeover Events in Apex Legends

Big Maude in Apex Legends
Big Maude in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

There have been eight Town Takeovers since the release of Apex Legends. Town Takeovers are new additions the game's maps that are thematically centered around one legend and typically adds to the in-game lore. There have been Town Takeovers for Octane, Wraith, Mirage, Bloodhound, Crypto, Pathfinder, Caustic and Rampart.

Ranking All Legend Takeover Events in Apex legends

The Town Takeovers were ranked based on the following criteria: amount of loot, quality of loot and how fun the area is to fight in.

8. Bloodhound's Trials - Bloodhound

From a purely lore standpoint, Bloodhound's Trials might actually be one of the best Town Takeovers, but it honestly just isn't a fun place to drop. The loot is decent, but it takes longer to unlock it all than other Takeovers. Sometimes its actually a better idea to drop somewhere near Bloodhound's Trials and then ambush a team who has already gone through the trials and steal their hard earned loot.

7. Singh Labs - Wraith

Singh Labs might be the most average of all the Takeovers. The area has good loot and is honestly a fun area to drop, but unfortunately too many players share this sentiment. This area is never free of enemies and will almost always require players to fight a number of other teams immediately.

6. The Mirage Voyage - Mirage

The Mirage Voyage is special compared to other Takeovers because it is the only one to be featured on multiple maps. Most recently it has crashed in the Arenas map Party Crasher. Mirage's party boat has great loot, but can get crowded easily as its one of the smaller Takeovers in the game.

5. The Gauntlet - Octane

The Gauntlet was, and still is, one of the most fun places to drop on King's Canyon. The jump pads scattered around the area give all players in it access to a quick means of pushing other teams and racing for loot. In the center of the Takeover is a ring of fire that generally holds some of the best loot in the area.

4. Caustic Treatment - Caustic

Caustic Treatment is easily one of the best Town Takeovers in terms of amount of high quality loot provided. Players are guaranteed at minimum four gold-level rarity items, but their sheer size of the Takeover usually ensures there is at least one more. This Takeover is enormous and has room for several teams to land and fight so be wary of dropping here late.

3. Map Room - Crypto

Crypto's Map Room may be the most underrated Takeover in Apex Legends. This area has solid loot and is typically only contested by one or two other teams. It is also one of the more fun areas to fight because of the variety between long and close-range engagements the area can provide. Players also have the option to scan the entire map and reveal literally all other enemy player positions for a short period of time. This is phenomenal for helping players decide where they want to rotate to next.

2. Big Maude - Rampart

Big Maude is the newest Takeover in Apex Legends and is quickly becoming a beloved spot in World's Edge. The weapon modification shop/tank has multiple levels to fight on and plenty of loot for teams to fight over. Players can also spend the materials they find in the area on special weapons that have larger magazines, faster rates of fire and shoot paintballs that mark the environment when shot. Seriously, being able to draw smiley faces with your favorite weapon should be reason enough to drop here.

1. Fight Night - Pathfinder

Pathfinder's Fight Night is the only Town Takeover on Olympus and has everything a player could want form a Takeover. There is plenty of good loot, a large enough area to support several teams in a fight and brought a new fun mechanic to the game: the boxing ring. The boxing ring usually has the best loot in the area and forces players to fight for it using only their fists. Players can only heal and punch in the ring, there are no weapons or abilities allowed.