Seolbim Mercy Skin Revealed for Overwatch Year of the Tiger Event 2022

Seolbim Mercy Legendary Skin
Seolbim Mercy Legendary Skin / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

A Seolbim Mercy legendary skin has been revealed for Overwatch's Year of the Tiger Lunar New Year Event. On Jan. 24, Blizzard Entertainment released a short, video trailer to announce the Overwatch support's new skin.

Seolbim Mercy will be available at the start of the Year of the Tiger event on Jan. 25. Overwatch players can also expect older skins from previous Lunar New Year events to return. For those who were unable to purchase a skin that they had previously wanted, now is the time to pick it up.

Seolbim is a Korean word that is used to describe a special New Year's Hanbok. Hanboks are a Korean traditional clothing that are typically worn on New Year's all around the country. Hanboks feature beautiful, elegant colors and patterns that are usually made of high quality muslin, silk and satin.

Seolbim Mercy Skin Revealed for Overwatch Year of the Tiger Event 2022

In the short trailer, Mercy can be seen in traditional Korean makeup as well as an off-white, golden, turquoise and fuchsia Hanbok. Her wings display a glowing and gradient color scheme which matches the turquoise and fuchsia of her Hanbok.

Seolbim Mercy can also be seen wearing a traditional Korean headpiece ornament that can be found with many traditional Hanbok pieces. Mercy's staff is also designed to fit in with the Seolbim skin as it is white and gold, and features a pink and golden light at the top.

More detailed images of the skin can be seen below, posted by OverwatchNaeri.

Fans have highly praised the Seolbim Mercy skin as it portrays elegance, history and beauty. The colors and visual effects of the skin have also drawn the attention of many players.

Overwatch players can purchase the skin in the in-game shop once the Lunar New Year event begins on Jan. 25.