Warzone 2 Lachmann-556 Build: Best Attachments to Use

Activision, Screenshot by DBLTAP

Looking for the best Lachmann-556 attachments in Call of Duty: Warzone 2? Don't worry, we've got the build you've been searching for.

This weapon has been quickly becoming a favorite amongst the Call of Duty community and it's easy to see why. The Lachmann-556 boasts an incredible amount of range for an Assault Rifle and displays very low amounts of recoil. This makes it optimal for picking off opponents in the distance. These features have made it a notable entry in our Weapon Tier List and one of the best Assault Rifles for Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Lachmann-556 Build: Best Attachments to Use

In this Lachmann-556 build, we've decided to equip attachments that will give this weapon more overall accuracy, range, and damage. We've placed all our focus on these attributes as we believe that taking advantage of the Lachmann-556's extremely low recoil and making this gun extremely accurate will give users the most benefits in matches.

Below you will find the attachments that we use in our Lachmann-556 build

  • Muzzle: Echoless-80
  • Laser: Schlager PEQ Box IV
  • Stock: RAPP-762 Factory
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90

In order to expand on the Lachmann-556's impressive range, we've gone ahead and attached the Echoless-80. This muzzle gives users the benefit of masking them on the mini-map and maintaining solid bullet damage over longer distances.

Weapon accuracy is integral when building a solid loadout weapon, so we opted for the FSS Sharkfin 90 and RAPP-762 Factory stock. Both of these attachments provide more aiming stability to the Lachmann-556 and will make eliminating opponents a breeze.

Finally, we cap off this build with the Schlager PEQ Box IV and the 45-Round Mag. The Schlager PEQ Box IV laser provides a bump in ADS speed making it more responsive during encounters while the 45-Round Mag gives you the ammo count you need.

Once the Lachmann-556 is fully leveled up, attachment tuning will become available for further weapon tinkering. Make sure to take advantage of this new mechanic once it becomes available to you as it can provide even more stat boosts to your gun. We recommend the following tuning measurements for your Lachmann-556 build.


  • Aim Down Sight Speed: -1.40 oz
  • Aiming Idle Stability: -1.00 in

FSS Sharkfin 90

  • Recoil Stabilization: +0.41 oz
  • Aiming Idle Stability: +0.40 in

These measurements will give you more ADS speed and aiming stability to further capitalize on the attachments we've equipped. Players might notice that recoil control might take a hit, but rest assured the Lachmann-556's already low recoil will make it so you won't even notice.