Which Apex Legends Characters are LGBTQIA+?

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Apex Legends is known for its diverse cast, many of which are members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

With over 20 different legends to choose from in Apex Legends, eight of those identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Representation has been a priority for Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends, and with the newest addition of a transgender character, many players are wondering who identifies with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Which Apex Legends Characters are LGBTQIA+?


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Fuse is one of the characters who has had their sexuality confirmed by series writer, Sam Gill. Fuse was described as pansexual and a "Ladies’ man, man’s man, and all-round manly man."
He is one of two characters who identify as pansexual with the other character being Seer. With his quick wit and bombastic personality, Fuse has quickly become a fan-favorite character.


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Loba is a fan-favorite character thanks to her excellent ability to quickly loot an entire area for her and her teammates. Loba has been confirmed to be bisexual and in a relationship with another legend, Valkyrie. Loba has many lines implying her sexuality, including one where she states that she can break anyone's heart, man or woman.


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Gibraltar was one of the first Apex Legends characters to be confirmed to be a member of the LBGTQIA+ community as he identifies as gay. This was important for a lot of players as showing a character to be explicitly gay wasn't common, especially in a game as popular as Apex Legends.


Bloodhound's Sunset Desperado skin
Bloodhound's Sunset Desperado skin / Credit to Shrugtal/Respawn

Bloodhound is one of the only two legends in Apex Legends to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ community due to their gender identity. Bloodhound identifies as nonbinary and the developers have made sure to use they/them pronouns since the character was first released. Gender-nonconforming characters are not highly represented in media so having a character like Bloodhound be openly nonbinary and respected is a breath of fresh air.


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A fan-favorite character, many players expressed joy when finding out that Valkyrie identifies as a lesbian. As previously stated, Valkyrie and another legend, Loba, are in a relationship. Having queer relationships normalized in video games, especially one such as Apex Legends, is a step in the right direction as it makes sure that everyone has a character they can relate to.


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Seer, as previously stated, is a character who identifies as pansexual. This makes him one of the two characters, alongside Fuse, to identify as pansexual. His sexual identity was confirmed by Amanda Doiron, the lead writer of Apex Legends.


Mirage Folk Hero Skin / Photo Courtesy of Respawn

Mirage is a special case in Apex Legends. While all of the other characters have had some form of confirmation as to their sexuality or gender identity, Mirage considers himself as questioning. There is a line in the comic "The First Ship" where Mirage says "don’t you go using my already-standing-in-quicksand sexuality issues to confuse me.” This implies that while Mirage doesn't know exactly what he identifies as, he can be considered queer in some way.


New Legend Catalyst.
New Legend Catalyst. / Respawn Entertainment

Catalyst is the newest legend to be added to Apex Legends. She is a transgender woman who is openly out. In her debut short, "Stories from the Outlands: Last Hope," Catalyst opens up to another character about her transition and how she feels after Catalyst can finally be herself. Catalyst joins Bloodhound as the second LGBTQIA+ character to be transgender.

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