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Will There be a Sequel to The Quarry?

Image courtesy of Supermassive Games

The incredible immersive storytelling and branching impacts that each decision made has on the game has fans of The Quarry hooked. The puzzle solving and quest to try to save more and more characters from the game has captivated fans and already has many people wondering when a sequel will come out or if one is planned at all. Here's all the info we have on whether or not The Quarry will get a sequel.

Will There be a Sequel to The Quarry?

The short answer is that we don't know. Much of the talk surrounding The Quarry has actually been regarding whether the game itself is a sequel to Until Dawn. While it is more of a spiritual successor than a true sequel, fans have still loved the way that The Quarry has built on the successes of Until Dawn and adapted those game mechanics to a newer generation of console technology for an even better experience than Until Dawn.

Given the success of The Quarry, however, it's hard to imagine Supermassive Games won't want to capitalize on that somehow. It may be difficult to do with the exact same cast though. All though there is a way to get everyone out alive, there is absolutely no way to get everyone out unscathed. Some characters need to sacrifice their limbs to be saved, while others get turned into a Werewolf before being healed, and will likely never want to have anything to do with the rest of the group ever again. Additionally, most if not all of the Hackett family antagonists will be dead by the end of your playthrough, so there is no real way to keep them involved as continued antagonists. However, there could be a continued spiritual succession theme between The Quarry and Supermassive's next game, meaning the thread of immersive horror games might only have just begun.