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5 Best Apex Legends Loadouts of All Time

The Alternator in Apex Legends
The Alternator in Apex Legends / Credit to Respawn/EA

These are the five best Apex Legends Loadouts of all time.

Throughout Apex Legends' 10 seasons there have been a lot of changes to the game's gun meta. Weapons have cycled in and out of the care package, new weapons have been added and there have been countless balance changes to several of the game's guns. With so many changes occurring and so many strong weapon combos cycling through the game, it's worth looking back on some of the best loadout combinations throughout Apex history.

5 Best Apex Legends Loadouts of All Time

Please keep in mind that care package weapons will not be considered for this list. Care package weapons are purposefully made to be stronger than other weapons and as a result would obviously be a solid option to pair with any other weapon.

5. The R-400 Combo - Any Season the R-99 Was Not in the Care Package

The R-400 combo gets its moniker from the addition of the numbers associated with the two weapons that make up the loadout: the R-99 SMG and the R-301. The combination of these two weapons has always been a player favorite because of how easy the R-301 is to control and the insanely high damage per second of the R-99. Additionally, players only have to keep an eye out for light ammo which is usually more than abundant.

4. Wingman and Peacekeeper - Season 2 - 4

The Wingman and Peacekeeper has been a solid build for several seasons, but it was arguably at its strongest from seasons 2-4. This is because for those seasons the Peacekeeper was still available as ground loot and the Wingman had access to the Skullpiercer hop-up that would massively increase its headshot damage. This loadout is difficult to use because of the steep learning curves for both weapons, but few loadouts are capable of wiping an enemy squad with the same number of shots. If a player was especially skilled (or just lucky) they could bring down an entire team without having to reload.

3. Flatline & Prowler - Season 10

The Flatline is considered one of the best guns available in Season 10 because of the damage it is capable of if players can control its heavy recoil. Add the long-range damage potential of the Flatline to the short-to-medium-range consistency of the Prowler and players have a good answer for nearly every situation.

2. L-Star EMG & Eva 8 - Season 10

The L-Star has earned somewhat of a notorious reputation after recent buffs in Season 10. The L-Star can now use energy mags to extend the time that the weapon can fire consecutively without overheating. This made the L-Star capable of maintaining a scary amount of suppressing fire and make good use of high damager per shot without ever having to reload. Combine this with the fastest firing shotgun in the game and players could bully opponents with an essentially endless barrage of bullets.

1. Alternator and Mozambique - Season 2

Without any attachments the Alternator and Mozambique were considered below average weapons at best. But Season 2 featured two hop-ups that dramatically changed the meta for the time: Disruptor Rounds and Hammerpoint Rounds. Disruptor Rounds gave a bonus damage multiplier to shielded opponents and Hammerpoint Rounds gave a damage multiplier when attacking non-shielded opponents. Essentially, players who had both hop-ups on these weapons had no losing match-ups when compared to any other loadout in the game. The combination was so absurd that Respawn removed disruptor rounds from the game the next season and did not bring them back until Season 10.