All Caldera Map Updates in Warzone Season 4: POIs, Features

"From the return of Storage Town to riverbeds drying up, Raven Software is changing up Caldera."
"From the return of Storage Town to riverbeds drying up, Raven Software is changing up Caldera." / Image courtesy of Activision

With Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 right around the corner, not only is a brand-new Resurgence map set to debut, but also a handful of updates to Caldera as well.

For those looking to stay on top of all of the changes coming to the flagship, tropical island map, here's a breakdown of all of the Caldera map updates dropping in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune.

As described by Activision in its latest developer blog post, Raven Software is "continuing to use community insights to drive changes to Caldera and the game in general."

Here are the main changes players should notice while playing on Caldera in Season 4:

  • A reduction in foliage and visibility improvements
  • A reintroduction of a memorable point of interest in Storage Town
  • Other point of interest updates
  • Several new items, including the return of keycards for new bunkers

Less Water and Foliage

Village / Image courtesy of Activision

Starting with the topography, as promised, Caldera's foliage is being cleared out and its rivers are drying up.

As such, expect to see cleared sightlines across numerous areas on the island, partially due to small camps cropping up from outside the Resort to the Runway.

Additional pathways, including scaffolding across multiple Capital Buildings and steps near the Gondola Station, will be opened up to allow for more movement options around the island.

Capital / Image courtesy of Activision

Here is the full list of the major POI changes coming in Season 4:

  • Scaffolding and bridges can be found at the Capital
  • Dig Site will no longer have skulls and bones
  • A drydock in the Arsenal now holds a ship
  • New staircases and slight alterations to the Peak’s summit
  • A new industrial area north of the Peak
  • A new military camp that takes up the open space above the tunnel east of the Summit
  • Deforestation along with green military tents at the Gondola Station
  • A new steplike incline from a dried-out riverbed, spanning from the Gondola up to the Peak
  • Southeast of Peak, the foothill's water has completely evaporated and been dammed up
  • The shallow water near the Docks has receded
  • The pool atop the cliff bridge in the massive Fields overlooking the Capital has dried up
  • The farmland below the bridge is also dried out
  • The rivers near the Radio Station and Factory have dried up
  • Village's main river has dried up

Storage Town Returns

Storage Town
Storage Town / Image courtesy of Activision

Next, the longtime Verdansk-original, fan-favorite POI Storage Town will be added to Caldera on the western part of the map in between Mines, Airfield, Village and Dig Site.

Storage Town is said to be "roughly as veterans remember it," with its array of storage lockers filled with Contracts and item spawns, as well as a few warehouses that allow players to easily overlook the area.

Mercenary Vaults

Mercenary Vaults
Mercenary Vaults / Image courtesy of Activision

The seven main bunkers on Caldera are now controlled by the Mercenaries. Essentially, these work just like the bunkers from Verdansk, except players will need a Key Card to access them instead of pre-arranged codes.

Key Cards are rare drops that can be obtained from Supply Boxes, Contracts or other players who found them during their mission. A Key Card is bound to the player who picks it up and can only be used once on any of the seven bunkers.

Once used, the Mercenary Vaults will open to reveal some major loot: Gold, Weapons, Equipment and more. Players are urged to get out quickly, however, because there could be other squads trying to ambush and take the spoils for themselves.

Armored SUV Added

Armored SUV
Armored SUV / Image courtesy of Activision

Lastly, a new Armored SUV can be used to explore all the new areas in Caldera with an ample amount of defense features.

The new vehicle includes a dedicated rooftop turret seat, room for players to use their own loadout weapons and a Nitro Boost that provides instant acceleration for a limited time.

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