Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Patch Notes: Full List

The Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event will go live on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.
The Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event will go live on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event has just been officially announced and with it, Respawn Entertainment dropped a detailed patch notes listing the changes and new content coming to the battle royale next week.

Lifeline's Town Takeover, a brand-new set of limited-time cosmetics, Valkyrie’s Heirloom, the return of Control and plenty of other updates are set to drop when the Awakening Collection Event kicks off Tuesday, June 21. Here's a breakdown of the Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event patch notes, per Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Patch Notes: Full List

Control LTM

New Features

  • Introduced Ad Drones to Control for flavor and storytelling purposes.
  • Matchmaking Improvement: Fill slots of missing players at the start of Control with new players to prevent imbalanced matches.
  • Added tabs to the About screen seen in Lobby and accessible in Control matches.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Turned the match Time Limit back on.
  • Introduced new logic for determining when the match should end, which should fix the issue where matches were ending early.
  • Will give players a full ult on respawn if they had one when they died.
  • Tuned down the Ratings given when player spawn on homebase from 75% to 50% to the next tier.
  • Fixed issue where players on the end-of-match podium would be in random positions instead of grouped together in their squads.
  • Decreased Spawn wave times.
  • Turned off enemy highlights and enemy vehicle highlights.
  • Force players to drain neutral point capture progress before starting to gain capture progress for their own team; if capture progress was made on a neutral point by the enemy team.
  • Increased the capture rate on Objectives based on the number of players capturing.
  • Moved the Turbocharger for the Havoc back to the Purple Tier.
  • Allow players to equip 3x Scopes on LMGs and Assault Weapons in the Loadout Selection Menu.
  • Allow players to equip 4x-8x Scopes on Snipers in the Loadout Selection Menu.
  • Merged the Marksman and Sniper Loadouts into a single Long-Range Loadout
  • Added a Specialist Loadout Category to give players more Med-Close Range options.
  • Updates to Spawning Logic to try to prevent players from spawning near enemies.
  • Players now gain Ratings for team actions like Zone Neutralization or Capture even if they participated in the action and got personal Ratings out of it as well ( previously the player would get one or the other).
  • Players will no longer get the Playing With Squad Ratings bonus for Ratings gained from Lockout being broken and Bonus Capture Timed Event being completed.
  • Removed the Squad Wipe Ratings Bonus when killing an enemy.
  • Added a HUD message when Lockout is no longer available in the match (displays again if Lockout conditions are met when Lockout is not available).
  • Moved the scoreboard to the inventory as the first tab. Changed the scoreboard button to be the same button as the inventory on the respawn screen.
  • Scoreboard added as a tab at the end of the game
  • Updated the art and position of the shields regening UI on the HUD to sit above the players unitframe


Quality of Life Updates

  • Moved the scoreboard to the second tab in the inventory and added new tracked player information (assists, and crafting materials) and round wins for the team.
  • Scoreboard added as a tab while spectating
  • Scoreboard added as a tab at the end of the game

IMC Armory Updates

  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to throw grenades or use an Ash ult to enter through a hole in the collision mesh of the Armories roof (Hotfix).
  • Fixed an issue where you would become unable to mantle after using the teleporter under the Armory (Hotfix).
  • Prevented Tridents from landing on top of Armories.
  • Removed Gold Loot Roller reward at Wave 8.
  • Decreased chances of hop-ups spawning through the Smart Loot system. Base hop-up spawn rate is now 50% with Gold hop-ups further reduced to 20%.
  • Smart Loot is no longer generated for teammates outside the Armory.

Balance Updates


Out of Bounds

  • Weapons and Abilities will now only stow in an OOB trigger when the player is on the ground (OOB timer will still tick up).

Bocek Bow

  • Optic on Gold version defaults to the 3x Ranger.


  • Can now use decoys from Valk Skydive Re-Deploy.


  • Combat Revive: Moved revive cancel option from Lifeline to the player that’s getting revived.
  • D.O.C. Heal Drone: Healing pool increased from 150 to infinite (still lasts 20s). / Doubled the healing radius.
  • Care Package: Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes. / The weapon attachment panel now comes with a Shield Battery instead of two Shield Cells. / No blue beam on initial drop (will still show up after the Care Package lands).

World's Edge

  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal-offs.

Storm Point

  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal-offs.


  • Fixed some final rings that end in heal-offs.
  • Rings tuned for more balanced map dispersion.

Ranked Updates

Split Reset

  • This split’s reset is softer: 13.1 Split Reset: 6 → 4 divisions

Entry Cost

  • Lower entry cost: -10 RP across all divisions and tiers.

Diminishing Kill Values

Kill Tier Differences

  • More RP for killing players of higher tier

Game Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Olympus Drop Ship pathing bug where the vast majority of games would start above the Docks area.
  • Crypto can now scan Survey Beacons with his Drone while riding the Trident.
  • Fixed bug for cases where Newcastle could get stuck in the air for a few seconds when using his Ultimate while ensnared by Ash’s tactical. 
  • Fix for Newcastle bug where players are able to fill Revive Shield instantly by throwing a Knockdown Shield and picking it back up.
  • Fix for Newcastle bug where players are unable to reload while the “Destroy Wall” prompt is onscreen.
  • Fix for Newcastle bug where using his Ultimate would deploy longer than intended.
  • Fix for cases where Legends [Newcastle / Seer] could get inside locked Vaults by placing a Totem on Mobile Shield.
  • Fixed bug where Wraith was able to create a portal while in Revenant Ultimate and have the portal appear next to the totem after being sent back.
  • Add soundFX for Newcastle when he enters a Trident. 
  • Fix UI bug where Legend info would not display in the Firing Range.
  • IMC Armory fix for situations where players could camp and block spots not intended to be with Wraith Portals and Tridents.
  • [PS5] - Fix for bug where a player’s friends list does not properly update after putting the console in rest mode.
  • Fix for cases where some larger Legends were sometimes unable to enter Containers on Storm Point when approaching them rapidly at an angle.
  • Fix for Rampage/Sentinel for cases where the charging animation would show but they won't charge when aiming down sites.
  • Fix for cases where Bloodhound and Seer scans would persist after the user leaves the game.
  • [Caustic] - Fix for bug where players could still see the enemy’s red highlight while they are in or behind the gas they deployed.
  • Blood splatter VFX no longer appears when Ash gets shot.
  • Fix cases where Amped Up” UI persists after Seer uses Heart Seeker passive.
  • [Control Mode] - Fixed bug for when the enemy team will continue a capture point's progress without needing to flip or undo the other team's progress.
  • [Control Mode] - Fix for UI bug where the Abandoned Game Penalty is actually longer than the display warns.
  • [Control Mode] - Fixed bug where picking up a weapon in Control always shows a full mag.
  • Fix for cases where players appear to keep their thermite grenade after equipping it while using it on an explosive hold.
  • [PS4 Pro / Xbox One X] - Fixes to improve frame rate issues during gameplay on some areas on Olympus.
  • [PS4] - Fix to improve performance issues on grassy areas on Olympus.