Apex Legends Legend Tier List Season 11

Ash in Apex Legends
Ash in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

Ash's introduction to the game has changed the Apex Legends Legend Tier List for Season 11.

Ash's kit is quite unique in Apex legends. Her passive allows her to track new squads based on the deaths of other players, her tactical is a form of crowd control that will tether a player in place and her ultimate is a one-way rotation that can be placed over a short distance.

Apex Legends Legend Tier List Season 11

Legends are in no particular order within their given tiers.

S Tier Legends

The S tier legends are Gibraltar, Bloodhound and Valkyrie. Gibraltar is the cornerstone of most competitive teams and for good reason. His Dome of Protection is an instant cover from damage in every direction. Bloodhound provides the team with more information on the enemy than any other legend. Valkyrie's Skyward Dive will become crucial on the new map which has several choke points.

A Tier Legends

In A tier we have Ash, Caustic, Octane and Wraith. Ash's ability to see every death on her map as it happens is a way stronger tool than most players give it credit for. Caustic is effective at both locking an area down and pushing a team out of a secure spot. Octane's Launch Pad is the fastest charging team rotation tool in the game. Ash's portal has stolen a bit of Wraith's spotlight, but she still has a strong place in the meta.

B Tier Legends

B tier legends include Wattson, Pathfinder, Seer, Horizon, Bangalore and Revenant. Wattson's buffs have made her more effective at securing an area and denying the enemies' grenades and airstrikes. Pathfinder has some of the best individual movement capabilities in the game. Seer is best at providing an abundance of information on a few targets, but in a Battle Royale it is often considered better to have some information on many targets. There is plenty of high-ground to fight over on Storm Point and her passive allows her to fly further on the new gravity cannons than anyone. Bangalore's abilities are very versatile and can be used both aggressively or defensively. Revenant's Death Totem has a new animation that alerts players that it has been placed.

C Tier Legends

C tier legends are Fuse, Lifeline, Loba and Rampart. Fuse is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, but the grenades required to do so eat up a good portion of his inventory space. Lifeline's passive allows her to revive an enemy while still supporting the team in a fight. Loba supplies the team with an endless amount of ammo and can steal weapons from care packages. Rampart's mobile minigun is a bit unwieldy, but can shred an opponent if they are caught off guard.

D Tier Legends

The only two legends in D tier are Crypto and Mirage. Crypto struggles to provide the team information and support them in a fire fight simultaneously. However, Developers have hinted that he will be the next legend to receive some buffs. Mirage is fun to play but provides next to nothing to a team.