Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Announced, Verdansk Return Teased

"Officially announcing Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile!"
"Officially announcing Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile!" / Image courtesy of Activision

Activision officially announced Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile on Thursday.

At long last, Warzone Mobile has been revealed in full, complete with a nine-second teaser that seems to confirm the return of the fan-favorite map, Verdansk.

In March, Activision first announced that it was working on a mobile release for Warzone — the Call of Duty series' popular free-to-play, battle royale spin-off title.

Call of Duty: Mobile has already included a battle royale mode using locations from Modern Warfare and Black Ops, though this entry seems to be an entirely new game based on Warzone.

Since then, talks regarding Warzone Mobile's development has been relatively tame until recently thanks to some apparent leaks.

In early August, the 1.3.0 alpha test server for Project Aurora, aka Warzone Mobile, went live and according to those online who've tried it out, it seemed the game was really starting to come along. The alpha test action took place in a mobile version of Verdansk, though it has yet to be officially revealed whether or not Activision plans to use the OG map in the final product.

Towards the end of August, players noticed that Activision newly created official, verified Instagram and Twitter accounts for "Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile" despite it having yet to be announced.

Now, it appears Warzone Mobile will indeed be bringing back Verdansk as its nine-second teaser seemingly shows the original plane intro.

More official announcements regarding Warzone Mobile are said to be coming closer to and during the franchise's upcoming showcase event, Call of Duty: Next.

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