FIFA 22 Team of the Season Release Date Schedule

The release dates for FIFA 22's Team of the Season have finally been revealed.
The release dates for FIFA 22's Team of the Season have finally been revealed. / Photo courtesy of EA Sports

FIFA 22 is days away from the arrival of Team of the Season, where we'll see some of the best cards added to the game from all over the world. The best players of this season will be competing for a spot in their league's TOTS,

The full release date schedule for Team of the Season in FUT has been leaked by TheBossFUT on Twitter. Here's the expected release date for each TOTS in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Team of the Season: Full Release Date Schedule

Community TOTS and EFL TOTS

The Community and EFL Team of the Season will both launch on the TOTS start date, April 29. They will be in packs for one week.

Premier League TOTS

The Premier League TOTS will arrive on Friday, May 6. The team will be available in packs for one week. Check out our predictions for the Premier League TOTS.

Saudi League TOTS

The Saudi League TOTS will arrive midway through the Premier League TOTS, on Monday, May 9.

Bundesliga TOTS

The Bundesliga TOTS will be the next major league TOTS to arrive in FUT at the conclusion of Premier League TOTS on May 13. Check out our predictions for the Bundesliga TOTS here.

Süper Lig TOTS

The Turkish League TOTS will be added to FIFA 22 midway through Bundesliga TOTS, on Monday, May 16.


The best of the LaLiga will arrive on May 20, featuring plenty of end-game TOTS cards. Once the Bundesliga TOTS is out of packs, the LaLiga TOTS will be added in for one week.

Liga Portugal TOTS

The Liga Portugal TOTS is expected to release on May 23, midway through the LaLiga TOTS. With the amount of Liga Portugal special cards released throughout this years FUT campaign, look out for ways to make an insane Portuguese league team during the promo, including players like FUT Ricardo Birthday Quaresma and FUT Captains Pepe.

Ligue 1 TOTS

Perhaps one of the most hyped TOTS squads in the entire promo, Ligue 1's TOTS will arrive on Friday, May 27. Expect plenty of PSG in the squad this year.

Eredivisie and CSL TOTS

Both the Eredivisie and CSL TOTS will arrive on May 30, halfway through Ligue 1's TOTS in FIFA 22. This may be one of the best weeks in the promo, with top level cards available in both the Ligue 1 and Eredivisie, and solid players from the CSL expected as well.

Serie A TOTS

The Serie A Team of the Season is expected to be the last of the top five league TOTS' to arrive, coming on Friday, June 3. It will replace the Ligue 1 TOTS in packs that Friday at 1 p.m. ET.

MLS and Rest of the World TOTS

The MLS and the Rest of the World TOTS will be the last of the FIFA 22 TOTS cards to debut, coming midway through Serie A TOTS on Monday, June 7.

Ultimate TOTS

Finally, the best TOTS cards will be re-released in the Ultimate TOTS on Friday, June 10. The best cards from the top leagues in the world will showcase in the Ultimate TOTS, likely over a two week span. We expect two teams of the Ultimate TOTS, the first arriving on June 10 and the second replacing the first on Friday, June 17. If there are two teams in the Ultimate TOTS, the Team of the Season promo should end on June 24.