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Full List of Rumored Balance Changes Coming to Apex Legends Season 10

We've compiled a full list of all the rumored balance changes that have been discussed for the future of Apex Legends.
We've compiled a full list of all the rumored balance changes that have been discussed for the future of Apex Legends. / Respawn Entertainment

We've compiled a full list of all the rumored balance changes that have been discussed for the future of Apex Legends.

It seems like everyday there's a new piece of information from Respawn Entertainment's battle royale development team. Apex Legends has shown immense growth in popularity since its release in February 2019—so it follows that fans would find as much information about the game floating around. Additionally, Respawn has committed to transparent communication with its Apex players, meaning most questions the community has are swiftly answered.

Apex Legends Full List of Rumored Balance Changes

Most of these rumors come directly from a fan made podcast called "Apex Uncut" run by Cloud9's Zach Mazer and The_FortniteGuy. On the fifth episode of the podcast, associate live balance designer John "JayBiebs" Larson made an appearance and let listeners know which legends had their kits on the chopping block.


Gibraltar may be getting a rework, according to Larson. During the episode, he said the team is looking to make the legend "sexier" in response to his unfortunate low pick rate. However, they don't want to buff him, either—and, truth be told, Respawn doesn't seem to be in a hurry to do anything with him right now.

"When I think about comp and the Gibby meta as an observer and as a player of ranked, a Gibby meta is an easier pill to swallow, or an easier meta to play with for a bit, than a Bloodhound meta, or a Caustic meta, or a Rev meta." Larson said.

Revenant and Octane (Revtane)

Speaking of Rev meta, the popular "Revtane" dominance may also see an end soon, if Larson has anything to say about it. The bromance around these two legends is a consistent point of frustration by players on the opposing team—including him. Unfortunately, that comes down to the function of the ultimate, which would likely take quite some time to fix completely.

"Getting at the root of this frustration—of risk versus reward of this ability is where that frustration lies," He explained, "And I think what we're looking at with the ultimate is, 'How do you increase that risk?' Because the reward is great, and maybe it's too strong."

Larson also went on to talk about Bloodhound and Crypto.


As far as Bloodhound goes, players may be relieved to know that Respawn is aware of the situation around ability balance and is currently still looking into potential changes—despite the legend already receiving a nerf to the scanning ability. Larson, himself, originally advocated for a reduction to two seconds instead of three.

"In playtesting, I felt it was okay, but I think a lot of people felt it's too quick." He said, adding later, "The fact that fights revolve so heavily around that ability is frustrating and absolutely there's room for improvement there."


Meanwhile, Crypto could see a complete makeover. His pick rate has been abysmal over the past month as the second to least popular—only barely surpassing Rampart by 0.1%. While Larson didn't necessarily believe this was a bad sign in and of itself, he did agree that there was a lot about the legend that made him inherently unpopular. The dev called him "too cerebral" and that his niche playstyle wasn't appealing in a shooter like Apex Legends.

"I think streamlining the flow between Crypto-mode and Drone-mode—and maybe distributing that power in a more healthy way so it's not quite as binary—would be a nice way of approaching that," he said.


Wattson has been a hot topic for Apex fans for quite some time. Whether it's being nerfed, buffed, reworked, or just having her unusual on-field behavior explained, it seems that Wattson mains remain the center of attention despite her low pick rate.

This is in part due to her subsequent win rate. While she may not be the top pick from fans, it's not uncommon to find her standing in the winner's circle. It's been a point of contention between Daniel Klein, Lead Game Designer, and the Apex community for months.

Larson repeated a common point for developers when discussing Wattson—that her issue is less about power and more about fun. If anything, he suspected the legend may see her hitbox readjusted, but otherwise, the team is more focused on making the experience of playing her enjoyable.


Horizon is another hero being workshopped, according to Josh Medina, a producer for Respawn. When asked about her future in Apex Legends, Medina responded by saying she has "stuff in the oven" with an emoji of a kitchen timer. Of course, there was no mention of what this could actually mean for the Scottish astrophysicist, but it excited fans nevertheless. We'll be keeping our eyes out for any more information about Horizon going forward.