League of Legends Astronaut Skins Release Date

Riot Games

League of Legends is a game that has always been respected for its cosmetic champion skins. Following the release some Valentine's Day themed skins, Riot Games has already announced another set of skins coming out soon.

The new skins will be a reintroduction of the Astronaut skin line, and it will involve five champions: Xerath, Kennen, Ivern, Fizz and Singed. All but one of these champions has not received a skin since 2020, so the player base is excited to see new cosmetics that deviate from the usual candidates of Lux and Ahri.

Now that we know who will receive the Astronaut skins, when are they planning to release them?

League of Legends Astronaut Skins Release Date

When Riot announces a new batch of skins, it has been typical for those skins to be released on the following patch. With that being said, the new Astronaut skins should be available alongside the release of Patch 13.4. Since Patch 13.3 just dropped, Patch 13.4 will be playable in about two weeks.

League of Legends typically releases patches biweekly to keep the game fresh, but there have been some issues with the scheduling due to a cyber attack on Riot three weeks ago. Thankfully, the schedule should be back to normal after Patch 13.4 and stay biweekly until another issue comes along.