OW 2 Echo Rework Detailed

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 / Blizzard Entertainment

Players are wondering how the changes and reworkings to Echo's character in Overwatch 2.

There are multiple heroes being reworked for Overwatch 2, which has been released with the onset of the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta. Streams and videos regarding the content are encouraged by Blizzard Entertainment. This has gotten many players excited for the game, as they get to see new content and even gain access to the beta through streams. Due to this, there have been key information floating around, including some facts about Echo's rework.

Here's what we know about Echo's changes in Overwatch 2.

Echo Overwatch 2 Rework Detailed

According to YouTube user KarQ, here is Echo's reworked characteristics:

• Focusing Beam DPS has changed from 200 to 175
• Duplicated targets' total HP can't pass 300 HP

Both of these characteristics have nerfed Echo's abilities. KarQ mentions, referring to Duplicate, that the established HP limit reduces the need to use it on tanks. Even though this was a primary concern in Overwatch, it won't be as useful or helpful in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 / Blizzard Entertainment

According to the image above, Echo's weapon is a tri-shot that fires in a triangular pattern.

Here are the other abilities shown:

• Sticky Bombs
• Flight
• Glide
• Role: Damage (increases movement speed)

With the introduction of new maps, reworked characters, and a different team structure, there is a lot for players to explore in Overwatch 2. These changes may entice a new audience to play the game. Furthermore, it is sure to draw in Overwatch veterans so they can see what the new game is about.

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