TimTheTatman on Hacker Lobbies in Warzone Season 3: 'They Still Exist'

"It's a f--king hacker lobby, man. I'm not on nine [kills] in a cheater lobby, bro."
"It's a f--king hacker lobby, man. I'm not on nine [kills] in a cheater lobby, bro." / Image courtesy of TimTheTatman, Activision

Since the initial global rollout of the Ricochet Anti-Cheat PC kernel-level driver in Call of Duty: Warzone, there's certainly some credit to be given to the devs for their efforts such as widespread ban waves, added in-game mitigation techniques, and promoted in-game reporting tools.

Although cheating appears to be trending down overall in Warzone as of late, however, it's still no surprise that hackers continue to ruin lobbies on the daily.

In TimTheTatman's recent YouTube video on May 26, the content star shared footage of a Warzone game he played that was seemingly littered with cheaters.

"We ended up in a hacker lobby," Tim said in the video. "I have not seen one of these since Verdansk but low and behold, I guess they still exist."

The game started with plenty of promise for Tim and his star-studded squad consisting of himself, Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker and FaZe Nuke Squad members Swagg and Booya.

Following his fast start, thanks in large part to the helicopter in Peak, however, Tim and his team soon realized that there were a handful of teams on the map with some suspiciously accurate aim.

"It's a f--king hacker lobby, man," Tim said. "I'm not on nine [kills] in a cheater lobby, bro."

Ultimately, overcoming the pain of his PR pace being thrown off, as well as several deaths, Tim and his crew ended up overcoming the suspected aimbotters en route to winning the game.

"PR pace and we get hacked on," Tim said. "F--k, man. Those hackers just ruined that sh-t, bro."

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