Warzone Vaults: How Many, How to Open Them

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With the days counting down until the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, now is perhaps the perfect time to explore all of the Easter eggs in the original Warzone.

Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about the secret vaults in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded.

How Many Vaults Are in Warzone?

By our count, there are a total of 15 secret vaults that can be opened in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded across Caldera, Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep. They do vary in size and scope, as well as how to open them.

How to Open All of the Vaults in Warzone

Caldera Golden Keycard Bunkers (7)

First off, there are seven Golden Keycard Bunkers that can be opened on Caldera. These are essentially the same ones from Season 4, and have yellow circles pointing out their general locations on the tac map. To open these vaults, you simply need to have a Golden Keycard, which can be looted from supply boxes and slain enemies, as well as awarded for completing contracts. For the exact locations of the Caldera Golden Keycard Bunkers, feel free to check out VenQua's guide on YouTube.

Rebirth Island Access Code Vaults (3)

Next up are the Rebirth Island Access Code Vaults. This is probably best done while the Blood Money LTM is available, but those who are careful can likely get them opened regardless. In the Prison, there will be a total of six remote switches sitting on six different toilets that players will need to interact with and turn off. There are seven total blocks in prison, but there will be, at most, one button in each block except for one. After finding and turning off all of the switches, players will need to run and answer the red phone that's ringing to hear the eight-digit access code. It is recommended to have your subtitles on for this part as it will be easier to jot down all of the numbers. Keep in mind that if you do need to listen to the message again, the phone will keep ringing about once a minute for the rest of the game. Once you have the access code, this can be used for all three of the vaults that are sealed with a golden door. For the specific locations of these vaults feel free to check out Call of Duty Fanatics' guide on YouTube.

Rebirth Island Keycard Vaults (3)

Additionally, on Rebirth Island, there are three hidden stashes that are more like safes than vaults. These are all located at the Stronghold POI on the first floor of the structure that has a watch tower. Unlike the Caldera Golden Keycards, however, these three vaults are each tied to specifically named cards that spawn in the same spots each match: Perseus, Vikhor and Forgotten. As such, it's much more viable to find these cards and grab their loot each game if you know where to look. For the specific locations of these cards, feel free to check out Call of Duty Fanatics' guide on YouTube.

Fortune's Keep Wine Bottle Vault (1)

On Fortune's Keep, perhaps the main secret is one that was discovered hours after its initial launch in Season 4: the Wine Bottle vault. To open it, players will first need to drop into Terraces and find two wine bottles that usually spawn in the same spots around the POI. Once players have two bottles in their inventories, they simply need to head to the northern part of the Keep POI to the upstairs dining hall. The seemingly unsuspecting empty shelves will allow players to place their wine bottles, causing the wall to open up its vault room full of special loot.

Fortune's Keep Secret Room (1)

Lastly, perhaps the tamest vault of the bunch is the hidden room on Fortune's Keep. To open it, players will simply need to throw a knife at the dartboard next to it and hit a bullseye.

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