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Warzone Weapon Tier List November 2021

DBLTAP's weapon tier list for Call of Duty: Warzone, updated for November 2021.
DBLTAP's weapon tier list for Call of Duty: Warzone, updated for November 2021. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Our Warzone weapon tier list for November 2021 is here to break down which guns are the best to use as players begin to truly countdown the final days until the end of Season 6 and Verdansk.

The Warzone meta appears primed to remain fairly stable as Activision and Raven Software have pretty much let The Haunting Halloween event do its thing, and are gearing up for the Operation: Flashback encore limited-time mode for Verdansk launch on Nov. 18. Before Season 1 and Vanguard integration arrive and drastically shift the meta once again on Dec. 2, here are the best weapons to use in Call of Duty: Warzone in November 2021.

Warzone Weapon Tier List November 2021

S Tier

EM2 / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Activision

At this point in the Warzone meta, the EM2, Black Ops Cold War AK-47 and XM4 are the clear best options for mid-to-long range engagements. The Kar98k and Swiss K31 remain outstanding snipers, allowing any nimble player to rack up headshot feeds in style. In terms of serving the traditional SMG role, the OTs 9, Black Ops Cold War MP5, MAC-10 and PPSh-41 are players' best bets at this point, with their handling and TTKs remaining the most superior of the bunch.

A Tier

TEC-9 / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Activision
  • HDR
  • ZRG 20mm
  • SP-R 208
  • Stoner 63
  • Bruen Mk9
  • PKM
  • FARA 83
  • C58
  • Bullfrog
  • TEC-9
  • QBZ-83
  • LW3 - Tundra
  • MP5 (MW)
  • Milano 821
  • LAPA
  • MP7
  • AMP63
  • Sykov
  • Diamatti
  • Gallo SA12
  • RPD
  • CR-56 AMAX
  • M4A1
  • Krig 6
  • FFAR 1
  • AS VAL
  • RAM-7
  • GRAV
  • STG 44
  • FiNN LMG
  • Pelington 703
  • Origin 12 Shotgun
  • Grau 5.56

In A Tier are a wide variety of options that are really good and remain generally very balanced to use in Warzone. From the TEC-9 to the FARA 83, feel free to try these guns out to see if you can find an underrated sleeper. The FFAR1 is really only viable as a sniper support option of course, as well as the AS VAL for those who play solos. Since the STG 44 is only available in the form of its Battle Pass Weapon Blueprints, it's tough to place it any higher due to players being unable to customize the Vanguard weapon's attachments at the moment.

B Tier

DMR 14
DMR 14 / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Activision
  • AX-50
  • CX-9
  • AK-74u
  • AUG (MW)
  • Fennec
  • M19
  • Renetti
  • M13
  • Groza
  • DMR 14
  • Uzi
  • Streetsweeper

These weapons in B Tier remain viable, but could use a slight buff in order for more players to seriously consider mastering them. Overall, these weapons are just fine, but don't have anything that makes them standout as fun or exciting options to use.

C Tier

R9-0 Shotgun
R9-0 Shotgun / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Activision
  • Type 63
  • SA87
  • PP19 Bizon
  • ISO
  • P90
  • Nail Gun
  • LC10
  • Kilo 141
  • FN Scar 17
  • FAL
  • AN-94
  • VLK Rogue
  • R9-0 Shotgun
  • CARV.2

The C Tier includes guns that definitely need a buff in Warzone. From the Nail Gun to the Kilo 141 and FN Scar 17, there are some weapons here that were pretty strong back in their heydays, but simply are not worth players' time in Season 6.

D Tier

X16 / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Activision
  • AUG (CW)
  • SKS
  • M82
  • Oden
  • FR 5.56
  • AK-47 (MW)
  • Hauer 77
  • MG34
  • Holger-26
  • Rytec AMR
  • X16
  • 1911 (MW)
  • 1911 (CW)
  • M60
  • EBR
  • Model 680
  • M91
  • KSP 45
  • M16
  • Striker 45
  • 725

At this point in the tier list, these guns from here on out don't have a place in the meta at all. While the higher end of this tier could perhaps be fine for players to get a kill or two, it gets pretty dreadful by the bottom of the list.

F Tier

Dragunov / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Activision
  • Magnum
  • .357
  • Mk2 Carbine
  • Crossbow (MW)
  • Crossbow (CW)
  • Dragunov
  • .50 GS

There is little to no hope for these weapons in F Tier, as well as those who happen to pick them up in game. If you're in the Gulag, do what you need to do. Otherwise, look to swap out these guns from your inventory immediately.