When Does Apex Legends Season 18 End?

Apex Legends Season 18 ends on Oct. 29.
Apex Legends Season 18 ends on Oct. 29. / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends: Resurrection has only been live for less than a month, and fans already want to know when Apex Legends Season 18 ends.

The big release of Apex Legends Season 18 was Revenant Reborn, a rework of Revenant. The updated Legend wields new abilities, voice lines, and even a recolored Heirloom. The season also nerfed the R-99 and reworked the Charge Rifle, allowing a new meta of weapons to dominate Battle Royale lobbies.

Despite the shakeups, the lack of a new Legend or map has fans looking forward to Apex Legends Season 19. So, how long do they have to wait?

When Does Apex Legends Season 18 End?

Apex Legends Season 18 ends on Sunday, Oct. 29, 2023. Although Respawn Entertainment has not officially confirmed the end date just yet, the Battle Pass is set to expire on that exact date, giving the community a good indication of when Apex Legends: Resurrection will come to a close.

In the next three months, players can expect at least one more Collection Event, likely to bring the leaked Revenant Reborn Prestige skin to the game. The event will feature limited-time cosmetics that players must unlock to obtain the Prestige skin within the event's time window.

Apex Legends Season 19: What We Know So Far

Although Apex Legends Season 19 does not kick off for another two months, there already are a few leaks that give fans an idea of what is to come in the next Apex Legends season. The biggest leak for Season 19 could be a Fuse Heirloom. The Heirloom will reportedly be called Razor's Edge and contain new animations.

The leaks also reveal there will be a Fuse Collection Event in Apex Legends, likely in Season 19. If Apex Legends: Resurrection is truly only focusing on Revenant Reborn for the entire season, then Fuse's spotlight will have to wait until October.

Along with the Fuse Heirloom, Season 19 could bring back Storm Point with some massive changes. The map was removed from the rotation in Season 18 and is undergoing some renovations to its southeast section. Inclement weather could result in the destruction of Fish Farm, Antenna, Gale Station, and Launch Pad.