Where to Find Large Lunker Sightings in Dragonflight

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Having a hard time finding large lunker sightings in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? Well, here's what you need to know.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has introduced a lot of exciting changes to the popular MMORPG and one of the more welcomed ones is how you fish. As many know, fishing used to be a cumbersome experience on account of you having to use a primary weapon slot for your fishing pole. This would prove risky in certain areas since you'd only have a fishing pole at your disposal if enemies were to appear.

This all changes with the new expansion as fishing poles have been regulated to a profession gear, eliminating the need for a primary weapon slot. Dedicated fishers only need to equip their fishing pole as a profession tool in their Fishing Journal. Now whenever you find a nice fishing area, your fishing pole will automatically be brought out without having to swap out your weapon.

Where to Find Large Lunker Sightings in Dragonflight

Many players have been on the lookout for Large Lunker Sightings as these areas can contain a Massive Lunker. The Dragon Isles is impressive in its sheer scale, so navigating the continent in search of these sightings can be rather difficult. Luckily, we've traced the sightings down to a couple of areas.

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Players will first need to venture to the Ruby Life Pools in the Waking Shores of the Dragon Isles. Here, you'll be able to locate a Large Lunker Sighting. Just make your way to the River Mouths Fishing Hole and you'll find a whale tail pillar off the coast. This pillar is a sign for the Large Lunker Sightings. You could also check out Grimtusk's Fishing Hole and look for the sign there.

Once you've located the signs at these locations make sure to cast five Ominous Conchs near it to summon the Massive Lunker.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has a lot more in store for fans of the franchise, so make sure to check out these articles to keep yourself up to date.