Xbox Game Chat, Loba and Wraith Bugs Fixed in July 13 Apex Legends Update

It appears a number of major bugs have been fixed in Apex Legends: Saviors.
It appears a number of major bugs have been fixed in Apex Legends: Saviors. / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has released its latest update for Apex Legends: Saviors, fixing the issue restricting certain Xbox players from communicating in-game, bugs affecting the abilities of Loba and Wraith, and several other bugs.

Here's a breakdown of the July 13 patch notes for Apex Legends: Saviors.

Apex Legends Season 13 July 13 Patch Notes

Here are the official adjustments Respawn has made in this patch:

  • Improve various issues with Xbox headsets and VOIP quality
  • Resolve Loba's tactical failing without reason
  • Resolve issues with Wraith not receiving damage at certain points when using her abilities
  • Resolve loss of functionality when using a Replicator
  • A variety of other fixes

First off, what stands out is the in-game voice chat fix for Xbox players as many had been reporting that the bug made it impossible for them to communicate during games for months.

Additionally, it appears Respawn has finally resolved two glaring issues pertaining to Loba and Wraith.

Specifically, with Loba, the Translocating Thief's Burglar's Best Friend tactical ability notoriously had a bug that inexplicably stopped it from working for some.

Meanwhile, with Wraith, it appears her hit registration errors have been fixed so that players will once again be able to shoot her as intended while she's exiting her Into the Void tactical ability.

The update is less than 100 Mb on PC (via Origin).

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