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5 Biggest Changes in Apex Legends Season 11

Ash in Apex Legends
Ash in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

Respawn recently released the official Season 11 patch notes detailing all of the changes coming to Apex Legends on Nov. 2. There are plenty of changes for fans to be excited for. The G7 Scout is taking the Triple Take's place in the Care Package and will come equipped with the Double Tap hop-up. Quality of life changes have been made to the crafting system that make crafting ammo more worthwhile. Several weapons have been buffed and nerfed and the chances a weapon spawns in care packages have been increased in every phase of the game.

These are the five biggest changes in Apex Legends Season 11.

5 Biggest Changes in Apex Legends Season 11


Season 11 will see the release of a new playable legend, Ash - the incisive instigator. Ash's kit is built to help track the location of enemy squads and then dismantle them with solid positioning and crowd control. Her Marked for Death passive has two distinct functions. Firstly, it marks all recent deaths around her on her map, but it also allows her to interact with recent deathboxes and mark that player's killer on her mini-map if they are still alive. Ash's Tactical ability is an Arc Snare that will deal low damage and heavily restrict the movement of the first enemy that comes within its range. Her ultimate ability is a one way portal that can be placed at a targeted location and can be taken by friends and foe alike.

Storm Point

Storm Point is the new tropical island themed map coming to Apex Legends in Season 11. It will be the map featured in Season 11's first ranked split and one of the only two maps to be in rotation for casual play at the season's launch. Storm Point also features a new means of traveling around the map in the form of Gravity Cannons. These cannons function similarly to redeploy balloons, but only in a fixed direction and without the long zipline ride before redeployment. Players retain full control over their weapons, abilities and throwables while using a Gravity Cannon.

AI Wildlife

Storm Point will also feature wildlife players can fight for various rewards. There are three different species for players to fight: Flyers, Spiders and Prowlers. Players may be familiar with Prowlers from Bloodhound's trials in World's Edge. These four legged melee style enemies have the highest health pool of the map's animals. Spiders will attack players who come too close to their den just as Prowler's would, but the Spiders are much quicker and have ranged attacks. Flyers function similarly to how they do on King's Canyon.

Wattson Buffs

Wattson was given a major rework for Season 11. Her ultimate ability has been fixed so that it will properly destroy ordnances and grenades and has received a few buffs. The Interception Pylon now has an infinite duration, but will only have a pool of 250 shields to be distributed across players. Her electrical fences also received some hefty buffs. The fences now do 33% more damage, reactivate more quickly after an ally has moved through them and can be placed further and faster than before.

Ranked Points Changes

The way Ranked Points are calculated in ranked Battle Royale matches has also been slightly reworked in Season 11. RP earned from kills will now take differences between the killer and the victim's ranked tiers into account. So if a player kills someone above their own rank it is worth more than kills on players of lower ranks.