Apex Legends Players Pinpoint Seemingly Needed Seer Nerf

"I think Seer's passive ability should be in some way revealing."
"I think Seer's passive ability should be in some way revealing." / Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have never shied from speaking their thoughts on how to improve the game, and with the launch of Season 15 looming, those thoughts have arrived fast and furious in recent days.

One discussion in particular that seems to be gaining steam involves the kit of Seer. Although it appears Season 15 will center heavily around the "Ambush Artist" with the introduction of a new map connected to his backstory, some players believe Seer shouldn't be as strong as he currently is at the turn of the new patch.

On Friday, a Redditor by the username of u/silentsnooc posted a thread explaining why they think Seer's Heart Seeker passive ability is in need of a nerf.

"Think about it," silentsnooc said, "ADS'ing gives you basically a free wallhack which is not even revealed to those players who are being detected. If you are a Bloodhound, I'll notice your scan. If you are a Crypto, I'll notice your drone. And, I know she's not a recon, but, ADS'ing with Vantage's ultimate creates a very revealing laser beam for the sake of seeing the same thing as if I used a regular sniper scope.

"Make him breathe louder so we can hear him as far as he can see us. Make him glow through walls or at least give me an icon that lets me know if a Seer has detected me and maybe, at least, how far away they are."

It's not too hard to understand where silentnooc is coming from. In our latest Legend Tier List for October 2022, we mentioned how Seer's seemingly endless amount of wallhack utility helps prop him up safely at the top of the rankings.

In September, Respawn developer Devan McGuire revealed that the devs are "actively looking into the frustration that can come from these abilities and finding ways to reduce it without crippling the identity of the Legends who wield them."

Of course, it's also worth mentioning that members of Respawn have explained in the past that they do take pick rate into account as well when deciding whether or not Legends need nerfs. According to Apex Legends Status, Seer has had a fairly pedestrian pick rate of around 4% throughout Season 14.