Best Broken Moon POIs in Apex Legends Season 15

Respawn Entertainment

Broken Moon is the latest map introduced in Apex Legends Season 15 and we have the rundown on the best locations for players to drop in during matches.

Respawn Entertainment recently revealed Broken Moon as the new map to coalesce with the introduction of the Catalyst character. Apex Legends fans also have a new battle pass to progress through that, as previous battle passes have, rewards players with exclusive cosmetics and items.

Best POIs in Broken Moon

Broken Moon boasts over ten locations that are interconnected by various zip rails that provide methods of escape and ambush for players using them. Each POI in Broken Moon has unique advantages and disadvantages for players to discover, but the locations listed below offer the most for players looking to get some victories.

Backup Atmo

Respawn Entertainment

Backup Atmo is situated on the outer edges of Broken Map making it a great area to loot if the drop ship doesn't begin here. There is plenty of loot to be found around the water silos and there's enough structures to give teams cover from enemy fire. There are also zip rails that connect to the main tower, giving teams the opportunity to take command of it and its vantage points.

Breaker Wharf

Respawn Entertainment

Breaker Wharf can prove ideal for teams to drop into given the low amount of teams that typically go there. The scarcity of enemies makes this area a prime location for looting. If enemies are encountered here, the various structures and zip rails will offer great vantage points and escape routes.

Production Yard

Respawn Entertainment

Production Yard is a large area that contains three landing pads for players to drop in. There is plenty of worthwhile loot in the central building and there are a good amount of zip rails that give teams more mobility when navigating the area.


Respawn Entertainment

Terraformer is recognizable by its enormous tower at its center that houses various Supply Bins that could offer beneficial items for teams landing here. It is a large location that can support up to four squads which means that there is plenty of loot to be found if teams can navigate the high amount players dropping into this area. The tower also presents a solid defensive fortress for those that manage to overtake and maintain it during a match.

Eternal Grounds

Respawn Entertainment

Eternal Grounds features a vast open space for players to explore that might not have the best cover situations, but does boast the only Jump Tower on the map. Players can drop here for some great loot and if there is too much pressure they can make a quick getaway.