Diablo IV Release Date Announced at The Game Awards

Blizzard Entertainment

The Game Awards gave audiences a night filled with world premieres including a big reception for Diablo IV's release date.

Diablo IV will give players the chance to take on five playable classes that each hold unique attributes for players to take advantage of. Not only that but players will also be granted the chance to make their dream characters through the deep customization options available in the game.

Prior to the Game Awards, it was also announced by Blizzard that the in-game party system received an overhaul from previous titles. This time around, players can take on the Diablo experience with friends regardless of their character levels or in-game progress. Cross-progression and cross-platform have also been enabled between all playable consoles, allowing for a more connected ecosystem for Diablo community members.

Diablo IV Release Date Announced at The Game Awards

Blizzard brought out the big guns during The Game Awards when they gave audiences the world premiere of a jaw-dropping Diablo IV cinematic video prefaced with a chilling musical performance by Halsey. Demons and warriors clashed in a hellish landscape as the release date for the eagerly anticipated game was shown off. Not only that, but the announcement of an upcoming beta also appeared on the screen.

Barring any delays, it looks like players will be able to get their hands on Diablo IV soon as it is set to release on June 6, 2023. The open beta for the game has yet to receive an official launch date, but fans can expect it sometime before the game's release.

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