How to Save Everyone in The Quarry

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The Quarry thrusts you into a terrifying situation, a group of nine camp counselors stranded at the camp they work at, being hunted by something mysterious and scary. Throughout the game, you will play as each of the nine characters, and try to get the entire group out of their situation alive and well. Unfortunately, that is incredibly hard to do on a first playthrough, meaning that if you finished the game for the first time while playing through blind, there's a strong chance the group of nine you started the game with didn't all make it out alive by the ending.

However, if you've come looking for answers on how to right past wrongs, or just prevent those tragedies from taking place at all, here's your guide on how to save everyone during your playthrough of The Quarry.

How to Save Everyone in The Quarry

Spoilers Ahead for The Quarry

In The Quarry, given the interactive nature of the storytelling, your decisions tend to snowball. What that means is that if you are making the right decisions and keeping characters alive, that in turn will often prevent other characters from dying due to circumstances you lose control over. Dylan and Laura are two characters whose safety throughout the game means that Max will stay alive until the end of the game too. Additionally, hard decisions will be required to get the whole group out alive. In order to save Abi, you will have to shoot Nick, preventing him from becoming a full werewolf. Additionally, NPC's dying is the only way to keep Nick alive as well, because Caleb dying is the only way Nick can break free of the Werewolf curse.

Beyond many of these choices, the key to getting the rest of the characters out alive is making the right choices during in-game events to save them. Knowing when certain losses are unavoidable for non-playable characters is key as well, don't waste your time on trying to save Kaylee, as she's doomed from the start. Good luck trying to keep everyone alive, and check this link out for all news regarding The Quarry.