Overwatch 2 Dev Confirms Season 2 Hero Will be a Male Tank

"It's someone that players have seen before."
"It's someone that players have seen before." / Blizzard Entertainment, @steamboy33, screenshot by DBLTAP

The next hero coming to Overwatch 2 will be a male Tank, Blizzard game director Aaron Keller revealed Friday.

The spicy hint was dropped during the Overwatch League's Watchpoint segment, perhaps confirming several leaks and rumors regarding the topic in recent months.

"In Season 2," Keller said, "we will be debuting a new hero. It's a Tank hero, [like] we've said, and it's someone that players have seen before." The other thing that we're putting out in Season 2 is a new map, and I think the new hero, he's connected to this map."

For those keeping score at home, Season 2 is indeed expected to begin on Dec. 6, complete with a new hero and a new map.

This burst of new content is planned to only be for Seasons 1 and 2, however, as each new season thereafter will typically only bring either one new hero or one new map, in an alternating pattern.

Regarding the topic of the character itself, this seemingly all but confirms that the upcoming Season 2 hero will indeed be Mauga.

For those who don't know who that is, Mauga was first officially introduced in a 2019 short story about Baptiste called "What You Left Behind."

In it, Mauga is described to be one of Baptiste's former Talon partners. When Baptiste first deserted the shady organization, Mauga seemed to be fine with it. Years later, however, Mauga tried to reel him back in a firefight that ended with each leaving the scene after an explosion.

Mauga wears a set of heavy armor, has an energy shield and dual-wields Gatling guns, something a leaker pointed out when they seemingly pinned Mauga as an upcoming OW2 character back in February.

In June, a Reddit post detailing a private interview between French content creator Potxeca and OW2 devs revealed that Mauga was "basically confirmed" to be the new Tank hero in Season 2.

In 2019, former Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Mauga was intended to be the game's 31st hero until he was bumped in favor of Sigma as the kit fit his style better. Kaplan also mentioned that Mauga would be a playable hero one day.

Ultimately, with Kiriko having just launched, new players looking to unlock all of the existing heroes and Blizzard seemingly already working on content years in advance, it appears there's no slowing down in sight for those looking to see some new things in OW2.