Streamer iiTzTimmy Questions Longevity of Apex Legends Amid Season 15 Issues

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Is Apex Legends headed toward disaster? Content creator iiTzTimmy posed this question on Twitter and the responses have been interesting, to say the least.

Season 15 of Apex Legends has had quite a few snafus since its initial rollout. Players have reported matchmaking issues, hackers ruining matches, and bugs that negate character abilities amongst many other issues. Most notably, the game's skill-based matchmaking system has not been up to par with player expectations. Apex Legends also seems to be losing its popularity as Twitch viewership for the game has dropped well below the top ten games on the site.

All of these factors have led many such as iiTzTimmy to wonder about the ability of the game to continue.

In response, many felt that the sentiment was a bit of an overreaction. Twitter user 100T NiceWigg put it best when he acknowledged that the issues plaguing Apex Legends should be addressed, but that the game's low popularity isn't anything new and should shoot back up in due time.

Those that felt Apex Legends was indeed dying, blamed some of the factors mentioned before and a lack of support for Respawn Entertainment. Issues with the new map, Broken Moon, have also been a common thread in the community.

Is Apex Legends Dying?

Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem that the game is headed to the grave anytime soon. The discourse surrounding the game may seem like it's the end times, but the player count continues to rise for the game.

Apex Legends Live Monthly Player Table
Apex Legends Live Monthly Player Table / Active Player

According to data gathered by the Active Player website, the average amount of monthly players has been on a mostly upward trend. Season 15 of Apex Legends began on Nov.1 and despite its shortcomings, it's still seeing an overall increase in popularity.

These numbers should see a continued increase as Respawn Entertainment works to provide several patches and imporvements to the game. Most recently, it was announced that the SBMM system in Apex Legends would be getting its much-wanted revamp in the coming months. There was also the recent Nov. 14 patch that resolved many of the bugs that were mentioned earlier. Hopefully, the general sentiment regarding Apex Legends this season will improve after these and other changes are made.