TimTheTatman Reveals Why Warzone 2 Should Take Notes From Fortnite

"No one, not one developer, is going to come close to what Fortnite does."
"No one, not one developer, is going to come close to what Fortnite does." / TimTheTatman

Content creator TimTheTatman released a new YouTube video explaining why he thinks Fortnite may have "ruined" gaming for all of its multiplayer competitors, including Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 is approaching the six-week mark since its initial worldwide release and it's fair to say that Infinity Ward and co. have received a pretty hefty amount of criticism early on. Although Custom Loadouts drops were just added to the game, many are still clamoring for more moves to be made such as adding a Resurgence map offering, custom Perk selection and the long-awaited Combat Records feature.

Breaking it all down in a recent YouTube video eloquently titled, "FORTINE RUINED GAMING..." TimTheTatman explained why he thinks Epic Games may have set a bar for live-service games that Infinity Ward and Activision have yet to meet with Warzone 2.

"No one, not one developer, is going to come close to what Fortnite does," TimTheTatman said in the video. "It's like we got to experience first-class flying. I dare even say flying on a private jet. We got to experience that with Fortnite and the in-game events and the constant updates and the constant feedback. Dude, Fortnite is updated weekly, bro! Weekly. They have stuff changing weekly and we experienced that and now we're expecting all the other industries or other gaming organizations, whatever, to do the same.

"Right now, bro, I feel like I'm with the luggage under the bottom of the fucking plane. That's where I feel like I'm at right now. Maybe Fortnite ruined it because I'm never going to experience that again unless I play Fortnite."

Before long, those in the chat made the argument that Apex Legends was at the same level as Fortnite before TimTheTatman disagreed, mentioning that many in the Apex community are not happy with where the game is at the moment.

After comparing Fortnite to wagyu beef and everything else to a "frozen Salisbury steak that's freezer-burnt," TimTheTatman also questioned if players are just "spoiled brats" now.

"We tasted what it could be, and now we want that for everything," TimTheTatman said. "I understand it's the holiday season, but you guys totally understand here that the update we just got here in Call of Duty, this is the update we got until February. You guys understand that? Everyone here realizes that right? What we got yesterday, is what we got until February.

"I want everyone working on Call of Duty to approach the game like how everyone works on Fortnite. ... I want Warzone to be Fortnite in the sense of, just to be clear, in the sense of attention to detail — and to be blunt with you — what it appears to be the care that the devs and the creators and whoever's working over there at Epic have for Fortnite."

Ultimately, TimTheTatman added that he is still addicted to playing Warzone 2 and that he truly loves the game, but the devs just aren't listening to what the community wants to see from them.

"I'm assuming most of what Warzone and the people at Call of Duty are looking at is money. They're looking at money flow, and all they're seeing — I guarantee all they're really paying attention to — sales, numbers and how much money Warzone and Call of Duty is making."

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