Warzone SMG Tier List: October 2022

Image courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 has dropped its mid-season update which means that we have a brand new SMG Tier List breaking down what guns have risen to the top and which have fallen from grace.

The mid-season patch, which went live on Sept. 28, has provided the usual updates to weapons and overall gameplay found within Warzone. Alongside these adjustments, the mid-season patch has also brought back various new and classic modes for players to enjoy as they get ready for the next Warzone installment. Call of Duty players wondering how this has affected their SMG options can scroll down to see how each tier has changed.

Warzone Season 5 SMG Rankings

S Tier

Armaguerra 43 SMG
Armaguerra 43 SMG / Photo Courtesy of Activision

The S Tier has six weapons that are the cream of the crop in Warzone. All of these weapons can be considered must-haves when looking for an SMG to mow down opponents with. Although weapons such as the Armaguerra 43 and H4 Blixen have seen downgrades from the new update, they are still extremely viable in matches. On the other hand, the CX-9 was met with several buffs that have elevated its damage output and cemented it as one of the top SMGs in Warzone.

A Tier

Welgun SMG
Welgun SMG / Photo courtesy of Activision

A Tier is comprised of these six SMGs that may not be elite, but can still be a force to be reckoned with during matches. These SMGs are balanced and effective enough to be sought after by players who want to be competitive. The Bullfrog received various damage buffs which will translate to more downed enemies on the battlefield, while the RA 225 received saw some nerfs keeping it away from our S Tier.

B Tier

LC10 SMG / Activision
  • KSP 45
  • ISO
  • Striker 45
  • LC10
  • RA 225

The B Tier is comprised of five weapons that are decent options but don't present any must-have features to make them competitive for players. The KSP 45 shows potential given its auto burst-fire being enabled but its damage nerf doesn't give it A Tier status. Look to these weapons to give you an average competitive presence at the moment.

C Tier

Nail Gun
Nail Gun / Activision
  • Nail Gun
  • P90
  • PP19 Bizon
  • Uzi
  • M1928

These C Tier SMGs are not worth much consideration in terms of competitive use and should be left alone by players looking for viable options.