Where to Play Zeri in League of Legends

Withered Rose Zeri Skin
Withered Rose Zeri Skin / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Zeri is the newest League of Legends champion who was created to be an AD Carry marksman. Zeri is currently one of the most broken bot laners in the game as her speed and agility are unmatched. Although it is more common to see Zeri in the bot lane, it's possible for her to play other roles on the rift.

Zeri was released on Jan. 20 and has been named the energetic and kinetic marksman. Zeri's abilities revolve around her unique relationship with electricity. Zeri is able to attack and move rather quickly, making her a terrifying ADC.

League of Legends players have pointed out that Zeri's passive is truly what makes her a power champion on the rift. Zeri gains movement speed whenever she is shielded making her a perfect ADC for any supports who can spam shields on her. Zeri's passive also grants her a shield every time she damages an enemy shield.

Where to Play Zeri in League of Legends

In terms of where Zeri should be played, she should mostly be played in bot lane, where her entire kit can be used. Her shield passive is a powerful advantage over other ADC and supports in bot lane and can be utilized the most as a marksman.

However, there is nothing wrong with trying Zeri out in other roles of Summoner's Rift. Zeri could be an extremely powerful mid laner or top laner as she is able to poke out these enemy champions and still dash away with her E.

Several players have also been talking about trying Zeri in jungle as her Q ability could help clear jungle monsters and her speed could be useful for ganking. After ganking as well, Zeri's ultimate can damage all nearby enemy champions while giving herself a buff.

Zeri was created to be a bot laner, but this should hold back any players who would like to try her in the jungle or in top lane. The best League of Legends players have played every champion in every role. This is a great way to learn how a champion's abilities and build can be useful or useless in different roles against different champions.