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3 Things We Want in Apex Legends Season 11

New wildlife in Apex Legends Season 11
New wildlife in Apex Legends Season 11 / Credit to EA/Respawn

In anticipation for the upcoming season, here are three things we want in Apex Legends Season 11.

The Apex Legends Season 11 release date is roughly a week away and players are beginning to become excited for all of the new content coming to the game. There is a new map set on a tropical Island that will have vicious wildlife to keep players on their toes, a new legend named Ash known as the incisive instigator and a new weapon that will use both light and heavy ammo. But many players are still craving more from the newest season.

3 Things We Want in Apex Legends Season 11

There have been many requests players have made over the seasons that never made it into Apex Legends. Many players have asked for buffs to their favorite characters, changes to different maps and various quality of life changes. For Season 11 many of these changes concern fixing different bugs or improving the overall health of the game.

1. More Weapons with 2 Ammo Types

One of the most exciting additions to Apex Legends Season 11 is the C.A.R SMG and its ability to cycle between both light and heavy ammo. If more weapons had this capability then more weapons would be viable throughout the entire game. One of the challenges with using energy weapons is the sever lack of ammo found around the map. There is rarely enough energy ammo for more than one person to be able to use an energy weapon, but if these weapons could also use a secondary ammo type then they would be more widely used.

2. Working Servers on Launch

At this point Apex Legends has a reputation for being nearly unplayable at the launch of a new season or event. It has gotten so bad that recently players began boycotting in-game purchases to pressure Respawn into improving the game in a movement dubbed "Operation Health." More than anything, players just want to be able to get into a game and enjoy the new content.

3. A Fix for Wattson's Ultimate

Wattson's ultimate is meant to protect her squad from all throwable and airstrikes, but for about the past month it has been struggling to do so. Grenades have been able to pass right by her ultimate making it essentially useless. It's unclear what exactly causes this glitch, but many Wattson players are desperate for a fix.