Apex Legends Season 15 Map Teased by Respawn

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has dropped a pair of teasers in anticipation of its rumored fifth map for Apex Legends.

For those keeping up at home, Season 15 appears to be shaping up as one with plenty of new content, including a new map in addition to another new Legend. On Tuesday, Respawn added its first teaser for Season 15, a Special Golden Ticket item that gives players access to an upcoming LTM called "A New Home" on Oct. 18.

Now, it appears the developers are leaving a trail of spicy teasers en route to that reveal date.

Two posters have been posted by the official Apex Legends Twitter account on Oct. 14 and 15 without any context or captions whatsoever.

However, as leaked and teased in recent months, Season 15 is expected to debut the next battle royale map in Apex Legends, which seemingly will take place in a setting having to do with Seer's homeworld Boreas and its shattered moon Cleo.

This appears to line up with a leak that emerged back in February, which seemingly revealed in-development gameplay of a moon map titled "#MP_RR_Divided_Moon" at the time.

The posters' messages of "we can save this planet together" and "save our moon and save ourselves," it seems the aforementioned points have all but been confirmed.

As has been shared with Seer's background over the seasons, the pale-blue-eyed Boreas native was notably considered a cursed child by the other locals growing up after a meteor barreled across the sky and struck his world’s moon on the night he was born.

Since that day, unfortunately, the moon's destruction is said to have led to increasingly devastating weather patterns, dying ecosystems and a shortage of food, among other catastrophes for the citizens of Boreas.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see what else Respawn has up its sleeves in the coming days.

Although it appears the devs have certainly been hyping up the potential upcoming moon map, players should also be looking forward to the announcement of the game's next legend. The only rumor tied to the legend at the moment is that it's codenamed Catalyst. This name may stick or Respawn may come up with something else.

The proposed legend is said to have multiple abilities based around creating "walls" and "structures," giving massive Fortnite vibes. It's hard to tell how the community would react, but likely not well, so Respawn is going to have to be smart with this one.