FIFA 22 Arsenal Theme Team: Best Possible Starting XI and Substitutes


FIFA 22's cycle is winding down, especially on the Ultimate Team side of things. FUTTIES is in full swing and that promotion traditionally marks the end of the current game and accelerates interest in the new release.

Additionally, FUTTIES is the celebration of all the past promotions and features re-releases of prominent cards alongside new special items. One key part of Ultimate Team is allowing players to create the best possible team for their favorite clubs. These teams fluctuate each title depending on the promotional items released throughout the year.

North London giant Arsenal received its fair share of promotional items, albeit in the second half of the game cycle.

FIFA 22 Arsenal Theme Team: Best Possible Starting XI and Substitutes

Before we get started, let's outline some guidelines we'll be following for this story and subsequent Theme Teams:

  • At least five current players in Starting XI
  • Icons limited to five in Starting XI
  • At least two active players who previously played for the club
  • 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 formations
  • Prioritize highest rating possible
  • Prioritize 100 Team Chemistry
  • Only one player out of position

Here's our FIFA 22 Arsenal Theme Team as of FUTTIES, pending any future Arsenal items getting released at the tail end of the game.

Starting XI

Squad created on by Max Mallow
Squad created on by Max Mallow / Photo by FUTBIN

The squad is lined up in a 4-3-3 to get Hector Bellerin's Shapeshifters card on full chemistry since he was on loan at Real Betis.


Substitutes created on by Max Mallow
Substitutes created on by Max Mallow / Photo by FUTBIN

There are other cards to choose from in this squad, but this is the squad we've chosen. Here's a list of honorable mentions for the team:

As with any theme team, players might feel some inclusions are contentious especially if a player left a club on bad terms either with the team itself or the fan base. There are certainly some of those names in the Arsenal fan base, but there are plenty of options if you choose to exclude some names over others.

Also, keep in mind some cards aren't obtainable anymore if they were previously an SBC or objective that's expired.