How to Get Apex Legends Catalyst Natural Essence Bundle

Respawn Entertainment

Amazon Gaming's exclusive Catalyst bundle for Apex Legends is now available and we have the access guide you need to rock its contents.

Amazon Prime members have plenty of perks to enjoy with their membership, but one that seems to be overlooked is the Amazon Gaming service. This service grants members free games and unique in-game items for titles such as Destiny 2, Fall Guys, FIFA 23, and Apex Legends.

Amazon Gaming gifts Apex Legends fans with monthly bundles centered around random popular Apex Legends characters. Previous bundles have included cosmetics for Loba, Ash, Wattson, and Pathfinder.

How to Get Apex Legends Catalyst Natural Essence Bundle

This month, fans of Catalyst are being treated to an earthly outfit for the legend as well as other nature-centric items. Players will be able to access this bundle until Dec. 14, so there's still time to go out there and get this offer. The full contents of the Catalyst Natural Essence Bundle are listed below.

Respawn Entertainment, Amazon Gaming
  • Catalyst "Natural Essence" Character Skin
  • Alternator "Gem Shredder" Weapon Skin
  • Catalyst "Autumn Winds" Banner Frame

Accessing this content is pretty straightforward as this content can be unlocked after linking both your Amazon Gaming and EA accounts. Simply make your way to the Amazon Gaming homepage and scroll through the in-game content section until you see the Catalyst Natural Essence Bundle. There should be a "claim" option when hovering over the bundle you can click on. Once clicked, you'll be taken to a page asking to link your accounts. Doing so will make the bundle and its contents appear when you access Apex Legends.

Amazon Gaming is included with Prime memberships at no extra cost. If you do not have a Prime membership, you can subscribe to Amazon Gaming separately for $14.99 a month. We recommend that you take advantage of their 30-day free trial if you want to avoid spending any money.