Apex Legends Season 15 Legend Tier List

DBLTAP's Legend tier list for Apex Legends, updated for Season 15: Eclipse.
DBLTAP's Legend tier list for Apex Legends, updated for Season 15: Eclipse. / Respawn Entertainment

Our Apex Legends Season 15 weapon tier list is here to break down which of the guns are the best to use now that the meta has been shifted once again with the launch of Respawn Entertainment's latest major balancing update.

With the Eclipse patch, although there weren't any major changes aside from the addition of the brand-new Defensive Legend, that's not to say players haven't continued to figure out which Legends are slightly better in the new meta. As such, here is how the Legends stack up in Apex Legends: Eclipse.

Apex Legends Season 15 Legend Tier List

S Tier

Kicking off the list are the six Legends that have really thrust themselves ahead of the rest of the pack this season. Horizon is a no-brainer pick for aggressive players as the best fighting Legend in the game. Seer's seemingly endless amount of wallhack utility and ability to interrupt revives, healing and more has him squarely in the heart of the meta. Newcastle has really emerged as a staple pick over the weeks as someone with the best revives in the game and crazy fortifying utility. Valkyrie is still a better pick in pro play than pubs, but is undeniably useful. Gibby is still so powerful thanks to his kit that's just so problematic to deal with in many situations. Bloodhound's wallhacks and speedhacks remain strong, but are overshadowed by Seer.

A Tier

In A Tier are four Legends that are certainly none to scoff at as they remain solid picks for any squad. With a good hitbox and a portal, Wraith perhaps remains to be one of the best aggressive characters in the game along with Octane. Remaining to be one of the most popular Legends in the game by far, Octane is still undeniably fun to play for W-keyers. Loba is a straightforward support character to master, and her lower ceiling is only worsened if there are more Lobas in the lobby. Caustic continues to make every other character adapt to his moves.

B Tier

These nine Legends sit more in the middle of the pack, remaining viable in the right hands and being mediocre for most. Vantage brings a lot to the table and remains a sneaky pick. Catalyst has emerged into the meta as a solid team-fighting character with a specialty in slowing and shutting down pushes. Thanks to the map rotation of Season 15, Rampart does get a solid bump in effectiveness. Wattson and Fuse are interesting opposites as the former helps her team get their shields back and the latter takes shields from everyone else. Pathfinder remains one or two tweaks away from being a top-tier Legend. Ash is pretty balanced overall, but doesn't have any abilities that truly pop as much as the other Offensive Legends' kits do. Bangalore would be really noteworthy if it weren't for every squad basically having a scan Legend. Crypto can be fun at times as he can give his team plenty of information with zone knowledge, but he's likely still the worst Recon Legend in the game.

C Tier

Four legends that remain underwhelming picks in the meta, Mad Maggie, Lifeline, Revenant and Mirage find themselves in the C Tier. Although there are always those who can find success with these Legends, these five are often the subject of conversations regarding potential buffs and reworks as they're either outclassed, or simply don't offer as much help to the team.